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Aden Greene: The Realm of Magic Kris Campbells

Aden Greene: The Realm of Magic

Kris Campbells

Published June 5th 2014
ISBN : 9781496000774
208 pages
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 About the Book 

THE PROFITS GO TOWARDS SPRAY/NEUTER/VACCINATION/TREATMENT OF HOMELESS DOGS. What would you do when everything you have ever believed turns out to be a mirage?Aden Greene is a ten-year-old Texas schoolboy who lives with his single-working mother Dana and grandfather Butterworth. Dana loves her son, but...there is an undying fear in her heart that keeps her from giving him a normal childhood.Yet Aden is happy with his two friends, a mischievous woodpecker Beacan, probably the last of his kind and a funny, food loving geek, Brandon. The Laurel & Hardy pair excels in hurling mocks at each other.Cute little tri-athlete Eira joins the team, and then on, they cheer with excitement of a roller coaster ride.The peaceful small town life changes drastically when Aden learns the real identity of his mother. He also learns that breathing underwater, talking to spirits and understanding the language of birds and animals is not a normal human trait, and that he has some special powers.Following a series of strange events, Aden and his friends suddenly find themselves thrust into an adventure of their lives with a guardian Lare and John the store-keeper, shadowing them, where they are entrusted with a secret assignment of saving the magical realm.On their journey, they meet a loyal greyhound, kind-hearted Bugul-Noz, mysterious Villivalds, a lonely Claurichaun and other unique, fascinating characters.New friends and pleasant experiences garnish the expedition, while evil continues to lurk in their path.The deadly Xementians, Kalhauss-the dark rider of dyrzlog, cunning Illmir and the merciless devil energizes evil- the magnificent Mahnix, shape-shifting pucas and other benevolent souls empower goodness.Horrible bloodshed and cruelty awaits them but kindness and wisdom accompany.There is a direct conflict, between the good and the bad and the winner will decide the destiny of the brave hearts.